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The Importance of HVAC Preventative Maintenance In the Healthcare Industry

Regardless of industry, preventatively maintaining and caring for your HVAC systems is necessary to preserve your equipment and building quality. However, in the healthcare industry, HVAC preventative maintenance is absolutely crucial for something else entirely – the health of your patients and employees.

In order for a healthcare facility, like a hospital or doctor’s office, to do its job effectively, the building’s air must be kept clean and sterile. Without the right air ventilation, patients and employees are at severe risk of becoming sicker, or not properly recovering from illness. In the healthcare industry, proper HVAC maintenance is a life or death concern. Actively implementing preventative HVAC maintenance can help avoid the following consequences of improper air ventilation systems.

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Unhealthy Air Quality

Due to the nature of the business, healthcare facilities are already plagued with more airborne viruses, bacteria, and contaminants than other commercial buildings. Between germs and harsh cleaning solutions, improper air ventilation can incubate these toxins and potentially harm people with compromised immune systems. In additional to not properly ventilating the air, dangerous mold and fungi can grow within the facility, creating a hazardous space for patients and employees.

By utilizing ENCON’s tailored preventative maintenance service, our team of technicians will check everything from filters and air flows to fan and blower motors to ensure air is ventilating properly to keep your patients and employees safe.

Uncomfortable & Drastic Temperature Fluctuations

If you’ve ever gotten a cold from inconsistent weather patterns, you’re already well-versed in the idea that major temperature fluctuations can throw off your immune system. The same can be said for indoor temperatures. When HVAC systems are worn or failing, they can cause a significant variance in indoor temperatures; this can not only harm healthy people, but worsen the conditions of sick patients.

The body undergoes excessive stress when adapting to different temperatures quickly and that stress can exacerbate existing medical conditions, worsening the health of your patients. For professionals who take an oath to protect their patients, controlling the indoor temperature of your facility may be a dangerous afterthought with serious consequences. Even if temperatures are stable, temperatures that are too low or too high can hurt patients and staff. It’s been shown that temperatures that are too low can worsen respiratory problems, cause muscular spasms, and cause excessive skin drying resulting in infection. Temperatures that are too high can easily dehydrate, exhaust, and nauseate patients. Taking the proper steps to regulate temperature properly in your facility can be the difference between recovering and worsening patients.

During preventative maintenance, technicians will evaluate thermostat controls, heat exchangers, filters, and refrigerant charges that ensure the temperature is consistent and comfortable.

Clogged, Broken, or Worn Out System Components

When HVAC system components break or wear, there can be dangerous repercussions. Your building can suffer loss of cooling, loss of heating, flooding, fires, and even explosions if not maintained properly. In a facility where sick people are dependent on care, any of these consequences can shut services down for days, weeks, or months, leaving people without necessary care and employees without work. Taking the time to inspect and maintain your systems is the easiest way to avoid catastrophic damages.

Trained technicians will check everything: coils, filters, belts, pulleys, electrical connections and more, to ensure everything is running properly. And, they can replace any damaged components in a timely manner.

To schedule a preventative maintenance checkup for your healthcare facility, contact ENCON for efficient and affordable HVAC services.

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