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These 4 Signs Could Mean You Need A New Commercial HVAC System

June 24, 2020

Every commercial HVAC system has an expected lifespan. In most cases, a quality system should last at least 20 years. With a high level of quality maintenance and some investment in retrofitting, perhaps 40 or even 50 years may be possible. But, eventually, replacement becomes necessary. It’s important for commercial building owners to recognize when that time is coming so they can prepare ahead for the capital expenditure to come.

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Planned Commercial HVAC Service Can Raise Your Bottom Line

September 25, 2019

Does Your Commercial HVAC Boiler Need To Be Serviced?

September 17, 2019

When cooler weather hits, many building owners are focused on boiler performance to keep the property sufficiently heated. So, do you really need ongoing boiler service? The short answer is yes.  However, we know simply hearing a professional tell you that a service is important isn’t going to be enough. That’s why we’re reviewing boiler service for commercial HVAC systems in New England and why it’s a vital part of an ongoing HVAC maintenance program.

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The Down Low on Commercial Dehumidifiers

September 07, 2018

While heating and air conditioning units tend to get the most attention in any discussion of commercial HVAC services, there’s another component that’s absolutely vital to the comfort and safety of certain environments: the commercial dehumidifier.

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The Importance of HVAC Preventative Maintenance In the Healthcare Industry

August 01, 2018

Regardless of industry, preventatively maintaining and caring for your HVAC systems is necessary to preserve your equipment and building quality. However, in the healthcare industry, HVAC preventative maintenance is absolutely crucial for something else entirely – the health of your patients and employees.

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The Importance of Solar Maintenance for Your Connecticut Home or Business

May 10, 2018

Years ago, it would have been important to include a lot of information in this kind of article about why homeowners and business owners in Connecticut would consider investing in solar power. We would share important statistics and anecdotes showing that solar power:

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Refrigerant Management: The Facility Manager’s Short & Sweet Guide

February 08, 2018

While it may not be top of mind, refrigerant management is an important topic. In fact, it can potentially mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars on your commercial facility’s annual balance sheet, especially if your HVAC equipment is more than eight years old, but isn’t yet in need of replacing.

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What Does Sick Building Syndrome Mean for Your Connecticut Facility?

January 08, 2018

Did you know that there really is such a thing as Sick Building Syndrome? It’s true, and it could be impacting your connecticut building right now.

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is known to affect tenants and employees in commercial buildings, and indications include acute negative health symptoms connected with the time a person spends in a particular structure or area within the facility.

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These 3 Energy Efficiency Upgrades Should Be Top Priority for Your Commercial Building

January 02, 2018

As a commercial building owner or facility manager, you need to be concerned about rising energy costs. On one hand, you’d love to implement everything you can to improve your building’s energy efficiency and lower those costs immediately, but on the other hand, you’re busy and an unorganized list of ideas is overwhelming.

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Best Practices for Commercial HVAC in Data Centers

December 11, 2017

Did you know that the average data center uses more than 100 times as much energy as any other commercial facility of equivalent size? That’s mind boggling, but it clearly explains why energy efficiency is such a hot topic for companies in numerous industries. These buildings, dedicated to network servers, facilitate billions of online interactions every day, sorting and storing data that’s become essential to modern life in many lands.

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